Tokoname high school has Academic Course and Non-Academic Courses such as Ceramic Arts Course, Creative Design Course and International Understanding Course. Each course can fit each students' needs and demands.

Located at the top of a greenery hill in the west part of Chita Peninsula, we can see Centrair International Airport, Ise Bay and the Suzuka Mountains.

1. School Motto "Tetsu"

"Tetsu" of kanji

This school motto means "to challenge anything positively and never give up". We wish our students make an effort to achieve their goals.

2. Our Educational Goals

Based on the school motto, "Tetsu", we train our students to be patient and skillful.We make them sophisticated with devotion to serve the nation as well as the world. We respect each individual and make his/her dreams come true.

3. Courses

Each grade level is composed of 8 classes with about 40 students per class.

Academic Course - 6 classes Technical Courses - 2 classes
General Course International Understanding Course Ceramic Arts Course Creative Design Course
40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40

4. Characteristics